One name has for generations stayed passionately devoted to creating the finest handcrafted lighting.

The company’s artistic heritage began in the New York glass-making factory founded by Max Blumberg in the late nineteenth century. In 1940, his son Jack Blumberg gathered the finest designers, sculptors, and decorative artists to fulfill their shared vision of becoming the world’s premier lighting manufacturer, and Fine Art Lamps was born.

In 1965, Jack’s son Max carried on the commitment of his grandfather and father to design excellence and superb workmanship. In 1976, the company moved to Miami and expanded its operations capitalizing on the dynamic and creative culture thriving in South Florida at the time. Over time, Fine Art has been honored with numerous design awards, including the prestigious ART Manufacturer of the Year Award an unprecedented nine times, distinguishing the company beyond compare, and cementing our induction into the ART Hall of Fame.

In early 2018, as Max looked to enjoy new adventures in retirement, the company was acquired by his long-term executive team, Laura Goldblum and Rene Quintana.  Vowing to continue the exceptional legacy the Blumberg family initiated, while updating the look and feel for today’s savvy consumer, Fine Art Lamps was rebranded to Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting- a name more descriptive of the artistry and craftsmanship involved in creating their original product designs.

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting is driven to achieve the highest artistic standards by creating unique and original lighting designs of beautifully handcrafted metal, hand-blown glass, and other unique materials utilizing exquisite hand-applied finishes. Today our devoted team of design and development specialists continually explore new concepts, challenging the status quo to bring to market elegant and sophisticated works of art, unparalleled in detail, character and value.

We are especially proud to manufacture in the United States of America, based on the belief this ensures design integrity, quality control, reliable delivery, and personal service. We are honored to have our handcrafted lighting grace exquisite spaces in private homes, and commercial applications in more than 70 countries around the globe.

When our company began, the name Fine Art was chosen to highlight our dedication to honoring lighting design as an art form. This tradition has been practiced by devoted designers, artisans, and craftsmen for almost 80 years and counting. We remain forever dedicated to inspiration, to vision, to illumination, to exploring the boundaries of what seems impossible—until by innovation and new technologies, we make it possible.

Today, we proudly uphold that tradition to bring our clients lasting works that are truly fine art.